New Year’s Resolutions: Week Three

New Year’s Resolutions: Week Three

 Welcome to week three of Owls Club’s senior-focused resolutions for 2023!  Hopefully by now you have added a few of our suggestions to your growing list of ways to get the most out of the coming year.  At Owls Club we believe you can thrive at any age and we are here to help. Continue reading for this week’s resolutions, 11 through 15. 

11. Eat the Rainbow

What color are your meals? If they are looking more and more beige, you could be missing vital vitamins and minerals. Finding the right balance of nutrients matters more than ever as you age, as it directly impacts bone, cardiovascular, and brain health. Commit to eating a rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables each week to get the full range of nutrients available to you.

12. Pick Up a New Hobby

Hobbies can do much more than fill free time after retirement. They are a great way to boost both physical and psychological health. And when you choose a new one, it challenges the brain and helps slow cognitive decline. What interests you? Find something that really suits you, whether it’s puzzles, cooking, or learning to dance, and watch how your sense of well-being improves.

13. Nurture Your Relationships

Relationships matter. Even the smallest social connections can prevent loneliness, reduce your stress, and improve your self-confidence. So spend 10 minutes a day investing in a relationship you already have. Make a phone call, write a letter or email, or simply visit your neighbor. A rich social life can be nurtured at any age.

14. Share Your Time and Your Talent

Volunteering is one of the best ways to give back, but it’s also a gift to yourself. Studies have shown that adults over the age of 50 who volunteered regularly were less likely to develop high blood pressure than those who did not. In addition to numerous other health benefits, volunteering can improve your outlook on life, connect you to others, and keep you physically active. Find something you really care about and fill your days with new purpose.

15. Reduce Your Intake

Sometimes the easiest way to improve your health is by simply reducing your intake of the things that don’t serve you, like alcohol and sugar. Excessive amounts of both can increase depression, negatively impact your sleep, and contribute to a whole host of other health problems. Commit to reducing your usual number of servings, and you’ll be surprised how big an impact it can make over time.

If you’re looking for even more ideas, check back next week for resolutions 16 through 20!

New Year’s Resolutions: Week Two

New Year’s Resolutions: Week Two

It’s time to reveal week two of our January resolutions for 2023. Below are five more things to consider as you think about how to squeeze the juice out of the coming year.  Check back next Monday for week three!


6. Learn Something New Every Day

Keeping our minds active is just as important as keeping our bodies active as we age. Learning new things has been proven to reduce cognitive decline, lessen depression, and improve quality of life. Challenge yourself with a new hobby, a musical instrument, or a new field of study that interests you. Celebrate the gift of free time that retirement allows for all this discovery!

7. Activate Your Muscles

Exercise may be the most common and the most short-lived resolution of all. But it is also one of the most important. “Use it or lose it” is more true than ever as we age. Commit to spending 10 minutes each day doing something for your body, whether it’s walking, stretching, dancing, or household chores. Get creative and get moving and you may find ten minutes becomes twenty!

8. Start a Journal

The benefits of journalling are well touted and can include everything from better sleep to drops in blood pressure. And who better to journal than older adults with endless stories and experiences inside of them. There are many helpful resources online with writing prompts to get you started. And if you choose to share these writings, you can add the priceless benefit of leaving a treasure for future generations.

9. Enjoy the Little Things

This may sound overly simplistic, but seeing and savoring the small things that bring you joy can play a huge role in improving your quality of life. Is it that first hot cup of coffee? The beautiful variety of birds at your bird feeder? The playlist of songs that makes you relax and remember? Take time to enjoy the little things. You don’t even have to leave your house.

10. Organize Your Medical Records

Let’s face it, keeping our medical files up to date becomes a larger task as we age. And it becomes even more important. It can help prevent medical mishaps as small as missed appointments and as large as dangerous drug interactions. Meticulous record keeping also helps in coordinating care between doctors and there is no time like the present to get this all health information in one place.

Check back next week for five more resolutions to help you get the most out of 2023.


New Year’s Resolutions: Week One

New Year’s Resolutions: Week One

It doesn’t matter if you’re sixteen or sixty, setting and accomplishing goals is invigorating and reminds us of our never-ending capacity for change and growth. At Owls Club we believe that is true for every age group, including seniors.. Just because older adults have many years behind them doesn’t mean the years ahead aren’t full of possibility. So seniors, take a moment for self-reflection and start dreaming about what the new year might hold. For the month of January, we’ll be sharing some ideas specifically suited for older adults to get you started.

1. Read More Books

Don’t underestimate the power of reading. Reading is linked with a number of positive outcomes for older adults, including enhanced memory retention, sharper decision-making skills, stress reduction, and better sleep. If you love a good discussion, look for online or in-person book clubs and triple the benefits!

2. Get Tech Savvy

There are many ways to stay connected and learn, and one of those ways involves technology. Your phones, laptops, and quick access to the internet provides stimulus and socialization in ever-increasing ways. Don’t get discouraged! Learning how to use these tools can be intimidating at first, but the results will be well worth it. (And the brain boosting benefits of learning something new is icing on top!)

3. Declutter Your Home

Consider making this the year of decluttering, but not for the reasons you think! Decluttering is about much more than a tidy house. At any age, our environment impacts us consciously and subconsciously and can contribute to our sense of well-being. Clutter can lead to a cluttered mind and make it difficult to focus, while a house free of clutter can leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

4. Revive an Old Friendship

Social connections are vital to living a long and happy life, so start by taking advantage of the relationships you already have. Is there an old friend you haven’t talked to in a while? Take a chance and reach out to them. They may be longing for connection too.

5. Play More

You’ve already heard us quote George Bernard Shaw who said, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Do you know why? Because playing boosts energy, vitality, and your body’s immune response. Whether its Pickleball, board games, or a weekly card night, consider joining an active group that regularly convenes for genuine play.

Check back next week for five more resolutions to help you squeeze the juice out of 2023 at any age.