Welcome to week three of Owls Club’s senior-focused resolutions for 2023!  Hopefully by now you have added a few of our suggestions to your growing list of ways to get the most out of the coming year.  At Owls Club we believe you can thrive at any age and we are here to help. Continue reading for this week’s resolutions, 11 through 15. 

11. Eat the Rainbow

What color are your meals? If they are looking more and more beige, you could be missing vital vitamins and minerals. Finding the right balance of nutrients matters more than ever as you age, as it directly impacts bone, cardiovascular, and brain health. Commit to eating a rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables each week to get the full range of nutrients available to you.

12. Pick Up a New Hobby

Hobbies can do much more than fill free time after retirement. They are a great way to boost both physical and psychological health. And when you choose a new one, it challenges the brain and helps slow cognitive decline. What interests you? Find something that really suits you, whether it’s puzzles, cooking, or learning to dance, and watch how your sense of well-being improves.

13. Nurture Your Relationships

Relationships matter. Even the smallest social connections can prevent loneliness, reduce your stress, and improve your self-confidence. So spend 10 minutes a day investing in a relationship you already have. Make a phone call, write a letter or email, or simply visit your neighbor. A rich social life can be nurtured at any age.

14. Share Your Time and Your Talent

Volunteering is one of the best ways to give back, but it’s also a gift to yourself. Studies have shown that adults over the age of 50 who volunteered regularly were less likely to develop high blood pressure than those who did not. In addition to numerous other health benefits, volunteering can improve your outlook on life, connect you to others, and keep you physically active. Find something you really care about and fill your days with new purpose.

15. Reduce Your Intake

Sometimes the easiest way to improve your health is by simply reducing your intake of the things that don’t serve you, like alcohol and sugar. Excessive amounts of both can increase depression, negatively impact your sleep, and contribute to a whole host of other health problems. Commit to reducing your usual number of servings, and you’ll be surprised how big an impact it can make over time.

If you’re looking for even more ideas, check back next week for resolutions 16 through 20!