My Active Center (MAC) is an online scheduling tool used by senior centers across the nation, including Owls Club.  It is a valuable tool in simplifying the registration process, collecting information on member activity and interests, and demonstrating community need.  With a few simple steps, members can create an account and fill their calendar with the Owls Club activities that interest them most from the comfort of their own home. With your key tag handy, visit and set up your account today.


1. Visit

2. Select "New User"

Select “New User” and choose “yes, I have a key tag.” Only members who have been assigned a key tag can set up an account. Call the center at (574) 336-2652 if you haven’t received a key tag

3. Choose "Owls Club"

Type in “Owls Club” or choose it from the list of centers near you. If you don’t see it right away, choose “change location” and type in your zip code.

4. Enter your key tag number

On the back of your Owls Club key tag is a bar code number. Enter it exactly as it appears in the appropriate field.

5. Provide your contact info and choose a password

Use the same email and phone number you used when signing up for Owls Club. Choose and confirm a password. Make sure to write it down somewhere!

6. Include a spouse

If you and your spouse share an email address, check the box at the bottom of the screen to add him/her to your account.

7. Start registering for classes!

Now that you have an account, you should see all of the current programs and activities Owls Club offers. Click “details” to learn more about a class and to choose which days you want to attend.

8. View "My Activities"

Underneath your name is a button called “My Activities”.  Click that to see all the classes you’ve registered for or to cancel a registration if you can’t attend.